Map of hiking trails together with mountain huts in the High Tatras, Slovakia
Map of hiking trails together with mountain huts in the High Tatras, Slovakia
30/07Flights origin city - Vienna - Bratislava../../..Hotel ***
31/07Bratislava - Chočské Vrchy - LieskovecD/P/CRural house
01/08Lieskovec - High Tatras N.P. - MengusovskáD/P/CRural house
02/08Lieskovec - P.N. Slovenský rajD/P/CRural house
03/08Lieskovec - Spiss regionD/P/CRural house
04/08Lieskovec - High Tatras N.P. - White TatrasD/P/CRural house
05/08Lieskovec - High Tatras N.P. - Mlynica/FurkotaD/P/CRural house
06/08Lieskovec - BratislavaD/CHotel ***
07/08Bratislava - Vienna - City of origin flightsD/
Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D), Picnic (P)


30 July - Flights: Granada - Madrid - Vienna - Bus to Bratislava

Departure by flight to Vienna. Arrival and bus to Bratislava. Arrival and hotel accommodation.

31 July - Bratislava - Train to the north of the country - Prosiecka and Kvačianska Valley - Lieskovec

Departure by train to the north of the country to reach the town of Liptovský Mikulás (4 hours), a town located in the centre of the river valley where up to 5 nature reserves of the Carpathian Mountains, the longest mountain range in Europe (1,500 km from the west of Slovakia to the south of Romania), are concentrated. This impressive mountain range concentrates the greatest biodiversity within the European continent, given its character as a natural border between the boreal and Mediterranean regions. The most representative wildlife, such as bears, wolves, lynxes and deer, are found here in the largest populations. The first excursion in the "Chočské Vrchy" reserve reveals on a small scale the most typical mountain landscapes of these European latitudes: dense coniferous forests, large plateaus covered with snow most of the year and small rural villages of great essence. Our hike penetrates the Prosiecka Valley through splendid forests and ends in the small village of Velké Borové (with a positive difference in altitude of 400 metres). At the end of the activity, the private minibus service takes the group to Lieskovec (45 minutes), a district belonging to the municipality of Tatranská Strba, at the foot of the "Vysoké Tatry" national park. We stay in a comfortable cottage where we establish a perfect base of operations for 6 nights.

1 August - High Tatra National Park - Strbske and Popradské Pleso Lakes - Mengusovská Valley

We link these two fantastic lakes under high peaks and extensive coniferous forests. Depending on the conditions, we can continue through the Mengusovská valley to admire the alpine grandeur of the High Tatras. A warm hut by the Popradské Pleso lake allows you to regain your strength before the return journey, or from here you can continue on to the Hincove plesa lakes. Positive difference in altitude 200-600/1000 metres.

2 August - Slovenský raj National Park (Slovak Paradise)

Transfer to Podlesok (30 min), the main entrance to this National Park, whose characteristic feature is the limestone ravines, through which we progress using equipped steps between ladders and footbridges. Depending on the conditions, we will do one or the other type of circular circuit, with the Klastorisko site (refuge and monastery ruins) as an intermediate point. Positive difference in altitude 400-600 m.

3 August - Ancient Cities of Spiss

Day of recuperation with sightseeing in the legendary Spiss region. Spisské Podhradie, where the most important seminary in Slovakia is concentrated, the Spiss Castle, considered the largest medieval fortification in Central Europe (World Heritage Site). Finally we enter Levoca, the second capital with its walled perimeter, gothic cathedral and Renaissance noble houses, and finally Kezmarok with a wooden church and Renaissance castle inside the city.

4 August - Lieskovec, White Tatras - High Tatras.

A hike through the long valley of Biela Voda, enjoying the rich coniferous forest and the waterfalls of the river in the lower and middle part of the valley. At the highest point we find the idyllic spot of Biele Pleso, composed of two small lakes and a wonderful meadow where we can contemplate the massif of the Belianske Tatry (White Tatras). When we reach the Zelené Pleso refuge, we admire a lake with emerald green waters and a glacial cirque with walls more than 800 metres long. We descend the valley of Biela Voda on the opposite flank to the ascent. Positive difference in altitude 700 metres.

5 August - Lieskovec, hike in the High Tatras National Park - Furkotská and Mlynická Valleys

The Mlynicka Valley or the circular route linking the two valleys, where you can enjoy a fairly alpine mountain range with glacial lakes and jagged ridges. The 50-metre Skok waterfall caps off the hike, which starts and ends at the beautiful Strbské Pleso, a large lake surrounded by coniferous forests. The activity again requires stable weather conditions, as we have to cross a pass equipped with chains. Return trip by rack railway (approx. 10 min.). Positive difference in altitude 400/700/1000 metres.

6 August - Transfer to Bratislava

Transfer by minibus from Tatras to Strba train station to arrive in Bratislava in the early afternoon (4 hours). Guided tour of the old town of Bratislava. The capital of Slovakia has a large number of monuments and places of interest. It invites you to stroll through the streets and enjoy the many restaurants with a good dinner and a lively atmosphere. Optionally you can visit the Devín Castle at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers.

7 August - Bratislava - Transfer to Vienna airport and flight Madrid - Granada

Breakfast and departure by bus to Vienna airport. Flight to the city of origin.


On days 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 the programme can be adjusted according to interest, physical condition and weather conditions. As there are more guides, the group can be divided.

Optional summit climb in the Tatras can be considered on days 3 and 7 🙌.


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The activity includes

  • Recepción en el aeropuerto en español a la llegada
  • 2 guías locales de hablan hispana (a partir de 22 personas / hasta 21 personas solo se considera 1 guía local)
  • Guías Nevadensis
  • Traslados especificados
  • Trayectos en tren especificados, con asiento reservado 2ª clase
  • Transporte por carretera en autobús privado
  • Tren-cremallera y tranvía los días especificados
  • Cena, desayuno y picnic (según cuadro)
  • Actividades y visitas especificadas en el itinerario
  • Alojamiento en hotel de 3* y casa rural en habitación doble/twin o triple con baño privado (según cuadro)

The activity does not include

  • Entradas en monumentos
  • Comidas y bebidas no especificadas